One Of Our Hoopsters Is Tangentially Newsworthy, Source Says (CONFIRMATION UPDATE)

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After Lollapalooza, we were inundated with hoopster sightings. We had a plethora to choose from and ended up doing multiple collections. One of our hoopsters was wearing a Team USA Joe Dumars jersey, turns out his brother just destroyed his ankle.

Yes, that intrepid hoopster is evidently the brother of Houston Texans defensive end and recent dislocated ankle sufferer Connor Barwin. Let's go to the tape, courtesy of reader Cameron:

The fucking hoopster in the Joe Dumars jersey is Sully Barwin, the older brother of recently injured Houston Texan Connor Barwin. After Connor's mangled ankle landed on the main page yesterday, I figured that two brothers landing on the main page separately for non-criminal or dong exposing behavior has to be some kind of Deadspin first. Or something.


Or something indeed, Cameron. Or something.

The fun part about this story, if it's true? The hoopster is older than the NFL player. Connor Barwin is 23 so that means this "Sully" is anywhere between 23.75 and 100.


Update: Some readers were unsure as to whether "Sully" really was Connor Barwin's older brother but we now have proof via photos and Twitter. Huzzah.

First off, Connor Barwin saw our post. And confirmed I was off between 1.25 and 75 in regards to the age thing.


Then Cameron got back to me with the photographic proof. Sully in the Dumars jersey (I thought it was Team USA, go figure) and Sully with Connor.


And here's Connor signing his contract to bring this issue to a close.


There you have it, one of our stranger "controversies" has been solved.