Your morning roundup for Sept. 7, the day we learned to see the positives in Tasers. H/T to Joe for the picky screen grab from's fantasy home page. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


I feel the need to clarify something this morning, and it relates to a little riff posted here a few weeks ago, and for no reason other than it's been bugging me. While I, like many others, would like to see the NCAA do something about a system that creates the sordid sort of messes like we saw recently at The U, that shouldn't take anything away from the depth and scope of the reporting done by Charles Robinson and Yahoo.

Robinson's work was the result of far more digging and sifting than, as I implied, simply having some "shady booster" talk to him, since Nevin Shapiro's stories also had to be corraborated. I'm not trying to put myself in the middle of the Craggs-Robinson tiff. And while I would like to see a wholesale reorganization of the NCAA, I also don't want to come across as though I have no appreciation for Robinson, or for the work he does as a journalist.


Things You'll Probably Read Today On Deadspin

• NFL Week continues, and this afternoon we'll have a little something from former NFL player and sometime Deadspin contributor Nate Jackson on training camp.


• Throughout the NFL season, we're going to be posting a roundtable discussion with the crew over at Slate. The first installment will appear today.

• Scocca will probably weigh in on all the fuss about the Maryland football helmets, so look for that, too.

Its Wednesday, and it's NFL Eve. Up and at 'em.