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One "Worst Player In NFL History" Is Volcanically Pissed About Being A "Worst Player In NFL History"

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Jeff Pearlman's massive list of football putridity has provoked an emotional reaction from Detroit Lions' safety, C.C. Brown, who was selected as the 90th worst player. He was not pleased with his ranking. In fact, he went completely berserk. .

Here's what Pearlman said about Brown:

:As the joke goes, C.C. stands for "Can't Cover." Some players manage to find work no matter how poorly they play. Here's Exhibit A.


Well Detroit Free Presswriter, Dave Birkett, was feeling frisky so he gave Brown a chance to respond to this critique. He did not disappoint:

"I mean, I really don't give a shit about it," Brown said. "It is what it is, man. Fuck that list. Whoever said it, you can tell them I said FUCK their list and FUCK them, too."

Brown went on to tell Birkett that he thinks his one dreadful season with the New York Giants is what got him on the list. He said something about being a shy person and he didn't like all the media distractions and big spotlights and whatnot. That's why he was on the list. He hated the New York pressure-cooker. Then he went back to fulminating about the list:

"They're going to put who they want on that list. There's a bunch of guys out there that's so-called supposed to be the man, but they're sorry as shit but they ain't going to put them on that list because that's probably one of their guys when they were coming out. To the guy that got that list, he can kiss my ass. Quote that."


I want to nominate C.C. Brown for an honorary 2010 SHOTY. That was spectacular. And if it's any consolation, C.C., at least you're not poor Rusty Lisch.


(Ed. Note: As a long-time practitioner of profanity, I've guessed at Brown's censored words. I'm fairly certain this is close to what he spat at Birkett, but I can't confirm 100% accuracy. But fuck that. )

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