Only Bill Simmons Is Allowed To Say Boston Might Want Kevin Durant

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Hot sports-media beefing action today, as ESPN used the occasion of tonight’s game between the Thunder and the hosting Boston Celtics to note, on SportsCenter and in an article by Chris Forsberg, that the Boston Celtics probably would like to have 27-year-old four-time scoring champ, five-time All-NBA first-teamer, and future Hall-of-Famer Kevin Durant on their team—but failed to credit The Ringer’s Bill Simmons for previously having also noted that the Celtics might like that, thus trespassing upon his proprietary ownership of the thought that a team with lots of money to spend might decide to pursue one of the best basketball players in the world.

Where are The Ethics, ESPN? Not even a “Ringer Exclusive:” or a “Sources:” before “NBA Team Might Like To Add Great Player”? You buncha biters! Hey, don’t rule out the Celtics; they probably would not tell Kevin Durant to go stuff himself if he wants to play for them is a thought that belongs to Bill Simmons, because he definitely was the first person to think it, six days ago. If you wanted his takes on whether or not phenomenal NBA players are desirable to teams that can afford to bid for their services, maybe you shouldn’t have fired him!


I call dibs on all Wizards talk. No talking about the Wizards. Don’t do it! I’m watching your ass.