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Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson is notorious for being talented, brash and way-too-loud-mouthed. Kind of like Oprah! OK, not really, but Johnson confesses that the real point of his football career is to figure out a way to make it on Oprah's show. Johnson says:

"I've been watching her all my life. My mom watches her. My grandma watches her. What she's accomplished, there aren't even words for it. ... Oprah, call me."

Here's the best quote from Johnson: "It might sound unusual for a man looking up to a woman, but she's just someone I would need to sit down with and talk to on how to better myself, all around, as a person." With comments like that, heck, he's gonna be on the show in now time.

Chad's Tough, But Oprah's His Idol [Dayton Daily News] [Official Site]