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Oregon Ducks Player Tackles Idiot On The Field

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Screenshot: Andrew Clifford Stewart (Twitter)

During a timeout late in the third quarter Saturday, Oregon Ducks running back Cyrus Habibi-Likio had to act as a security guard for his team’s home stadium. An idiot had made his way onto the field and was casually jogging his way around, only speeding up to get away from stadium staff and police. Habibi-Likio decided to act on his own accord and sprint towards the invader as his back was turned towards the team, and brought him down with just the right amount of effort needed given the size difference between the two. Kevin Wade of 247Sports provided this view of the incident from up above:


Ethan Wyss, an Oregon student journalist, also got the tackle from a sideline angle:

Unlike the idiot on the field, Habibi-Likio wasn’t looking to get the crowd hyped over something inconsequential, he just wanted to keep the game moving, according to ESPN’s Edward Aschoff.

“We were down and he was kind of taking a while—prayers out to him, I hope he’s not hurt,” Habibi-Likio told reporters after Saturday’s game. “I had no intention of hurting him, we just need to get the game going.

“This is the Pac-12 North, and this is a Pac-12 game, we gotta get going or the result would have been different.”

The Oregon back added that he started after the guy when he noticed that Cal’s head coach was angrily motioning for someone to do something about the idiot. He also reportedly feels bad about tackling the dude, so he offered to go get ice cream with the kid to patch things up.