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Oregon State School Spirit Video Has Troubling Implications For Mascot

This is where we are with these school music video things: maybe they should stop. On its face, this one isn't even particularly awful—which in a way makes it worse—it just sort of exists as a note in the We Did Weird Stuff By The Time We Got To 2013 chapter of American history. Unless you are Benny the Beaver, in which case this video is a slap in the face.

Oregon State basically spliced a pre-existing music video with some shots of their cheerleaders doing some shit concerning chainsaws. Crank It Like A Chainsaw is both a real song and a rallying cry for the Beavers football program. Here's where we go from run-of-the-mill terribleness to to straight-up treachery, though: the filmmakers duped poor Benny into participating in a video championing his own obsolescence.


h/t Cody

[The Big Lead]

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