Oregon's Championship Game Uniforms Are Pretty Disappointing

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The Ducks toned down their uniforms for their national championship against Ohio State, and the results are plain boring. The school colors, green and yellow, are just totally absent. Weak.

The University of Nike boned this. They have all the colors at their disposal, and they choose the dullest scheme. Was everyone too hungover to look at anything bright? These unis are going to get dirty two minutes into the game anyway, but they look like practice jerseys.

Compare the Ducks' getup with what they wore in 2011's BCS National Championship Game against Auburn. They went with a similar lack of color, but the socks, shoes, and helmet added a nice splash of tacky neon yellow:


The Buckeyes' uniforms are fine, but there weren't high expectations for those.

Top photo via @heidiburgett; second photo via AP