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Orioles' Keon Broxton Lost Track Of A Wall And Allowed A Pitcher To Hit A Two-Run RBI Triple

Baltimore’s trip to Coors Field has been a relative success by the realistic standards the team has likely set for themselves—Baltimore not only took one of the three games in the series, but also allowed fewer than 50 home runs during that span—so it was only a matter of time until the Orioles regressed to their incompetent mean. That regression came in the bottom of the sixth inning where I’m not sure if Keon Broxton lost track of the ball or the wall behind him when German Marquez’s hit went deep into right field.

(For the record, I’m going assume he lost track of the wall because, well, that’s a lot funnier).

As if the blunder wasn’t bad enough on its own, the batter who was able to turn the mistake into his first career triple, and also drive in two runs, was a pitcher who’s putting out a .190/.190/.238 slash line. Sure, he won a Silver Slugger Award last year, but it’s not like that was all Marquez.


This was not only a regression for the Orioles, but also for Broxton individually. The outfielder—whose Major League accomplishments include robbing a home run and not dying after getting pegged in the head—arrived in Baltimore four days ago after he was sent over from the Mets following a seven-week stint there. While he was garbage in New York, he essentially flipped off the Mets fans who hated how much he sucked by smashing a two-run homer on the first pitch he saw as an Oriole (which came on Friday). Clearly, this was just the baseball universe correcting itself on multiple levels.

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