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Illustration for article titled Oscar Pistorius Cleared Of Most Serious Charges

South African judge Thokozile Masipa said prosecutors failed to prove the Oscar Pistorius committed premeditated murder, saying the evidence was "purely circumstantial." The judge will rule later today on a lesser charge of culpable homicide, a finding of negligence which could still carry a sentence of years in prison.

After a longer-than-expected midday break, Judge Masipa appeared to be laying into Pistorius and setting up for a guilty verdict on the count of culpable homicide. "Culpable homicide is a competent verdict," she said earlier in the day.

"There were lots of things Pistorius could have done. He could have called police or security. He could have screamed for help. There was no reason why he could not do so before he ventured into the bathroom with a loaded firearm."


"A reasonable person would not have fired four shots into the toilet cubicle...Would a reasonable person have foreseen that whoever was behind the door might have been struck by a bullet and die? The answer is yes."


And then, abruptly and without explanation, Masipa adjourned court for the day. The giving of the verdict will continue tomorrow morning.

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