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Other Lawyers Think Lawyerin' Joe Amendola Is "Absolutely Brilliant," According To Lawyerin' Joe Amendola

Sometime before the judge in the Jerry Sandusky case issued a gag order last month, Philadelphia magazine did an in-depth interview with Sandusky's attorney, Lawyerin' Joe Amendola. The magazine has published that interview as a Q&A on its website, and it's a pretty good glimpse at the lawyer behind all the lawyerin', because Lawyerin' Joe is pretty good at lawyerin'.


• There is, in all seriousness, a reason to be sympathetic toward Lawyerin' Joe, just this once: His mother was an alcoholic who abandoned his family when he was 13, right after she gave birth to twins.

• In response to a simple question about whether he's been following the ongoing sexual-abuse trials involving Catholic priests in Philly, Lawyerin' Joe volunteers that there are "some parallels" between Sandusky and those priests. Awkwardly, Lawyerin' Joe then tries to make his way out of the corner into which he's just painted himself and his client:

This is much like a priest situation over years, where the priests had access to kids and allegedly took advantage of them. The difference is, we have one person and not a bunch of priests; we have a person who says, "I didn't do it," unlike some of the priests who were involved in this stuff and admitted they did it. If Jerry came to me and admitted he did these things or even some of these things, I wouldn't be going down this path.


• Lawyerin' Joe says other lawyers think Lawyerin' Joe is the best, Part I:

It's amazing the number of attorneys who've reached out to me and told me that what I'm doing is absolutely brilliant because you had no chance, nowhere to go, and if I took the traditional role of just zipping everything up and not saying anything, there wouldn't need to be a trial.


• Lawyerin' Joe says other lawyers think Lawyerin' Joe is the best, Part II:

And by the way, regarding that interview and the other things that I had done initially, I got calls from a number of top trial attorneys who said what I was doing was brilliant.


• As far as Lawyerin' Joe is concerned, the Sandusky case is the manifestation of a conspiracy against Penn State orchestrated from Harrisburg, the state capital:

So I think when the attorney general's office got involved with the first accuser, they saw it as an opportunity to not only go after a big-name person like Jerry Sandusky, but also take a shot at Penn State.


• That party Lawyerin' Joe threw, after which an NBC correspondent got a DUI? It wasn't really a party, according to Lawyerin' Joe. It was just a bunch of media people who gathered at Lawyerin' Joe's home to get a sense of Lawyerin' Joe's strategy for lawyerin'. Everybody just happened to watch football and eat and drink a bunch of stuff while they did. "So it was always misnomered as a party," Lawyerin' Joe says. Which totally makes sense, coming from Lawyerin' Joe.


Go read the entire interview here.

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