In Cincinnati the quarterbacks have been all but perfect. Caron Palmer has gone 14-16 for 114 yards but the Bengals have seen two drives stall out forcing them to settle for a pair of field goals. Conversely Ben Roethlisberger is 10-12 for 136 yards with two satisfying touchdowns. Willie Parker has racked up 79 yards and a touchdown of his own on 12 first half carries. Pittsburgh 21 - Cincinnati 6 Halftime

Fear the Rams. Steven Jackson is back, Mark Bulger rediscovered the gold mine that is Torry Holt, and Scott Linehan looks significantly less suicidal. The St. Louis trio has orchestrated two flawless drives on the Browns defense and all three have taken part in the culminating touchdowns. But don't count out Derek Anderson and the Cleveland Browns, they're quite plucky. Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow have each contributed a touchdown towards savvy fantasy teams throughout the land. St. Louis 17 - Cleveland 17 Halftime

A Game In England? Yes, there is a game being played at Wembley Stadium. The turf, cut short and fast for the beautiful game, is getting torn to shreds by big wet Americans. By the second half this is going to look like that game from All the Right Moves. New York has done a better job keeping their footing and it's showing on the scoreboard. Maybe Wembley can install a retractable roof before we pencil in next year's game on the travel schedule. New York Giants 13 - Miami 0 2nd Quarter Halftime

Bench Peyton! Joseph Addai just scored the first touchdown of the day for the Indianapolis Colts after Peyton Manning finally pulled his head out of his ass. The King Midas of signal callers had been struggling mightily, still, he's just 5-14 for 88 yards. Vinny Testaverde has completed 11 passes, 10 of them to his own team, and his arm has yet to fall off. DeShaun Foster is carrying the load for the Panthers with 49 yards and a touchdown. Indianapolis 10 - Carolina 7 Halftime

There are three other games going on, but they'll have to wait.