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Our Message Of Peace To The Friends Of Barbaro

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We are happy to note that our "garbage" Web site that "is so negative and mean all the time" has not succeeded in our sinister, dastardly plan: The Barbaro Message Board is back up and running. As some of you might have noticed on Friday, the sainted souls desperately trying to be heard by The Limping Beacon of Beauty that is Barbaro called out our fine site for crashing their best wishes.

Dear Friends of Barbaro, due to the increased number of inappropriate messages linked to, messaging at the Barbaro Board may be suspended.


This led to all kinds of fun email messages in our mailbox over the weekend. Here's our favorite:

Dear 'Editor',
Even though I believe your web site is nothing more than garbage, I respect your right to be uninformed, ignorant (bordering on complete stupidity) and mean-spirited. However, I strongly resent having your garbage leak out into web sites which were designed for use by intelligent, caring individuals who have souls.

Please contain your garbage to your own backyard and I'll refrain from posting thousands of prayers and good wishes on yours. Agreed?

Another good one begged us to apologize to Barbaro, which we would have done, but we couldn't get into the damned message board anymore!

See, this is not what we wanted! We are good-hearted in these parts, and wish only good will to Barbaro, a horse whose Gaiety Of Spirit and Courage In The Face Of A Potential Afterlife Without Mares has been inspiring to many, particularly those who really like unicorns and the John Edward show. We do not want war, Barbaro message boarders; we want you to continue to have your place to send your prayers and good wishes to, you know, a horse. We want not to stand in the way. You provide us too much joy.


So, can we be friends? Look: Here's a carrot. It's a peace offering. Let's be friends. We are all pure of spirit and only want bliss and mirth!

The Barbaro Message Board [University Of Pennsylvania]

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