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Our Old Friend John Salley Says O.J. Was Innocent

Onetime Deadspin contributor John Salley joined 790 The Ticket's The Jorge Sedano Show for an interview that will air tomorrow morning. In it, Sedano asked Salley who he considered—aside from himself—to be the best thespian/athlete.

His response? The Juice! And then we heard Spider's take on why O.J. couldn't possibly have done it:

OJ did not kill his wife. I know him. I don't think he's smart enough to commit a crime that way. I don't think he has it inside of him. I know the guy. I don't see it in him. They make in the media what they want to make.

OJ was revered and everyone knew he was a good guy. They put OJ's face on the cover of Time magazine and made him dark and grimacing. They made him look bad. Because all of a sudden Johnnie Cochran, who was smooth and had nice suits, was able to convince the jury of reasonable doubt, despite all of the mistakes the police made, and the prosecution, all of a sudden, they say, he did it.

I remember, because I watched the case, that there was one drop of blood. Guess where it was? In the back, behind the passenger side, when it was proven that there was so much blood. One drop? If you cut somebody's head off?

The bad part about it is that OJ's in jail for 20 years because they wanted to get him, in Vegas. I've never seen a cop in Vegas. He's in jail for what they feel he did years and years ago.


Oddly enough, a severed head and bloody truck might not be the most disgusting entry in the John Salley Story Corner.

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