Our Parents Like Steph Curry's Shoes

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I spoke too soon when I said that only Seth Curry and my dad appreciated Steph Curry’s white-on-white Under Armour professional lawn mowing shoes. The Deadspin staff surveyed their parents, and most of them had positive reactions.


Once again, my dad:

I think they look good. That said, I see the “arch” is low. When I buy my shoes, I always bypass color, aesthetics, and other issues (which are still important) to find the correct arch that fits my foot well. The comfort is so essential for good balance and walking. I learn through the years; uncomfortable shoes will essentially cause you problem and pain in your back!


Barry’s Mom:

I like them. They appear simple, and to provide cushioning and air flow. I would wear them, except for the “SC”. I’m not one to “advertise” brands.


Burneko’s Mom:

I like ‘em. Snazzy toe box!

Burke’s Mom:

nice but very generic-looking, almost like something from a discount store

Draper’s Mom:

No opinion except the bottom seems awfully thick, like you’d be way up high off the ground.


Draper’s Dad:

Not a big fan. Looks like they’re trying out a breathable fabric on the upper layer, but the honeycomb look is not good on an athletic shoe. Their logo on the side is w-e-a-k! What is that? A dancing cow? And no faintly striped shoestrings, please.


Hannah’s Dad:

I like them because they are seriously old school. I could wear them.

Giri’s Mom:

I like them. For a sneaker they look sort of “elegant”. May be I like the white & not too many wild colors.

Are you buying them? I am hearing this has been good for under armour...signing Curry


Patrick’s Dad:


Puja’s Dad: