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Our Yearly Boring Obsession With The Busch Braggin' Rights Game

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It's time for our yearly Busch Braggin' Rights game post. Last year, when we headed back to Illinois for the yearly Illinois-Missouri basketball matchup in St. Louis, we marveled at just how poorly coached Missouri was. Quin Snyder, who can still FIRE UP HIS TEAM with the best of them, was fired less than two months later; he spent the end of the Braggin' Rights game covered in popcorn. The new coach, Nolan Richardson disciple Mike Anderson, should survive the evening better than Snyder, and he could even continue the tradition of first-year coaches always winning the Braggin' Rights game. (The Illini have won the last six.)


We know this is one of those times when we're babbling our Midwest Bias out to an unsuspecting and unwilling populace, and we apologize, but we always know it's holiday time when the Illinois-Missouri game comes up. (Here's a wrapup of the best games in the series.) Even though we don't head back Illinois way until tomorrow — the game is much earlier this year — it's always one of our favorite games of the year. And it's a sign it's probably time to finally start some holiday shopping.

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