Out-On-His-Feet Chargers Player Swears He Wasn't Concussed

Sometimes a concussion doesn't knock a player out, or even down. In the video above, keep an eye on Charges safety Jahleel Addae, No. 37, coming in from the left side of the screen. And keep in mind that he says it wasn't a concussion.


On the last play of the third quarter, Addae knocked heads with Broncos RB Juwan Thompson and came away staggered. It was weird and scary, but he was right back out there for the fourth quarter.

Addae told the media that everyone who thought his brain was mush was worrying over nothing.

Oh, no big deal then. Just nerve damage.

Still, it's worrying, and not just because that concussion test was described at the time by an observer as as "brief." A couple hours earlier, on the very first play of the game, Addae got rocked:

And context matters. These are the Chargers. It's not as if they haven't been on the wrong side of situations like this before, or don't have a long history of substandard medical care. But, nah, I'm sure Addae's fine.