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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Over 1700 Endurance Racers Go Temporarily Missing in Flood

Despite receiving warnings from local authorities, the organizers of the Original Mountain Marathon (an exxxtreme endurance event in England, to be exact) plowed forward with the race this weekend. Unfortunately, they didn't have Bud Selig's weathermen on staff, so they had to switch the race midway from an exxxtreme endurance event to a search and rescue expedition for 1,700 racers lost for nearly a day. All have supposedly been counted up since then. Thankfully, everyone had survival gear with them. Video after the jump of the mountain swim.

(The BBC has more awesome video of bull-headed people extending a middle finger to Mother Nature and having that finger bent back behind their backs and then stomped on.) Frankly, we don't know if we want to take on any task that requires survival gear not issued by Visa or MasterCard, but some people are wired differently. However, their loved ones may not be. One wife put it best: "You lot need to spare a thought for your families that worry about you rather then where your next cheap thrill is coming from." Like, say, your next Deadspin post. Shouldn't you hug your family now before diving into your next Deadspin-based indulgence? Who knows what kind of mouse-based finger sprain might happen? Think of your families, won't you?

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