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Illustration for article titled Overexcited Jackson State Mascot Hops Right In The Scrum After A Touchdown

You can really tell that Jackson State’s mascot is a valued part of the team—or the person inside the suit feels that way, at least.


Seconds after Tigers QB Jalon Jones found Warren Newman for a 34-yard touchdown to take a 15-7 lead over Bethune-Cookman today, there was the Tiger running onto the field, getting right in the middle of a meaningless struggle for the football. Some mascots do pushups after their team scores; others have more school spirit.

As wonderful as it would be to have mascots get on the field for a few plays, it is sadly against the rules. The touchdown counted, but officials hit Jackson State with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, assessed on the following kickoff. Here’s how it looked in the box score:

1st & 10 at JKST 35

(5:33 - 3rd) JACKSON ST Penalty, Unsportsmanlike Conduct on JACKSON ST Mascot (Tiger) to the JckSt 20


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