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Overzealous Phillies Fan Gets Her Day In Court

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The woman accused of offering sex for World Series tickets had a preliminary hearing, featuring graphic testimony and topless photos. The dog wasn't part of either. We hope.

You remember Susan Finkelstein, the Philadelphia woman who allegedly offered to trade herself for a ticket to see the Phillies lose the World Series. The undercover cop who busted her told us much more than we wanted to hear:

I admit it. I'm a prostitute. I love sex. I'm a whore," the Bensalem police officer testified that Finkelstein had told him as he posed as "Bob" at Manny Brown's in Bensalem.

She talked about "how much she loved anal sex," he said, alleging later that she pulled up her denim skirt to expose her genital area and asked, "You wanna touch it?"


To be fair, this is a common part of the mating ritual in Bensalem. But this next part's not:

Finkelstein, 43, was also told in an e-mail written by Sgt. Robert Bugsch that "Bob" had a brother, Bugsch said on the stand. That apparently upped the possibilities for Finkelstein.

For two tickets, she promised more, Brady testified. "I'll have sex with both of you. I'll let you DP me."

When she says DP, she doesn't mean Rollins to Utley to Howard. (Though that might have been worth all three tickets.)

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