Pac Man Jones Finds A League That Wants Him

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It is a relief to know that, while he's serving his full-season suspension from the NFL this season — for, we repeat, charges he's yet to actually be arrested for — Pac Man Jones will be keeping himself busy.

The only place that has had more participant behavioral problems in the last few years than the NFL happens to be the only place that will take him: The World Of Professional Wrestling.

TNA Wrestling signed suspended Tennessee Titan cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones to a contract that will see the NFL star perform as a wrestler. Jones is currently suspended for the entire 2007 NFL season, without pay, for personal conduct problems off of the field. Reportedly the Titans have no issue with Jones getting involved in professional wrestling.


We think there's some mad logic in this whole matter; we have a pretty good idea how he could enter the ring. Our favorite part about this is that the Titans "have no issue" with Jones wrestling professionally. No, seriously, Pac Man, go ahead. In fact, climb up to that top rope right now. OK, see that table over there? Jump through it! Go ahead! We don't mind.

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