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Pacers Fans Taunt Brandon Ingram With Ruthless "LeBron's Gonna Trade You" Chant

The Lakers are very sleepily facing the Indiana Pacers Tuesday night. Everything about this game feels dreary and perfunctory—the Lakers have already offered up half their roster in a trade for Anthony Davis, while the Pacers are playing out the string on a season that lost much of its promise once Victor Oladipo went down. But that context has not stopped Pacers fans from wringing what fun there is to be had from their lone visit from the Lakers:


Oof. This chant would be rude enough if it stopped at pointing out his team’s efforts to trade Ingram away, but the extra dig of acknowledging that Ingram’s own teammate is pulling the strings is just so wonderfully ruthless. The poor Lakers youths are shrinking and shriveling by the hour.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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