Confronted with a gang of burglars in his home, Green Bay Packers' running back Noah Herron did the obvious thing: He unscrewed a bedpost and knocked one of the them the hell out, and chased the others off the premises. That's exactly what I would have done, if you substitute "unscrewed a bedpost" with "shrieked like a lady" and "chasing the others off the premises" with "leaping pantless out the window."

The intruder was injured during the May 30th burglary and a second offender was apprehended outside the home by Brown County Sheriff's deputies, according to information released by the Brown County Sheriff's Department today. Herron was not hurt during the invasion.

Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal story here. Herron rushed for 123 yards on 48 carries with two touchdowns in 2006, but spent the 2007 season on the IR with a sprained knee. According to the Packers site, and I'm not making this up, his nickname is 'Lil No-No,' and his favorite TV show is 24.

Packers' Herron Fights Off Home Invaders [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]