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For anybody who missed it yesterday, Orioles designated hitter Rafael Palmeiro finally made a public statement about steroids yesterday, and, as you'd certainly expect, it was unsatisifying. Basically, Palmeiro said he never intentionally took steroids but that he might have accidentally got some in his system because of a B-12 shot that he famously implicated Miguel Tejada in giving him. (He fesses up to that too, kinda.)

Palmeiro hasn't officially announced his retirement or anything, though it seems impossible that he would play for anyone next year. (We bet the mustache would go over big in Japan, however.) We were talking to a friend of ours a while back as to who is the most hated athlete in sports. He said Terrell Owens. We tend to go with Palmeiro; the guy's the only person we can think of who's hated equally by fans (for lying and for sucking), by the media (for lying and for blaming them for everything) and by teammates (for breaking the locker room code by implicating Tejada. Oh, and sleeping with Ryne Sandberg's wife). That's the trifecta: Very rare.


Palmeiro Speaks, Sort Of [Baseball Musings]

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