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Panther (Card) Swipe: Muhsin Muhammad Should Pay His Bills On Time

What does Carolina Panthers wideout Muhsin Muhammad have in common with a college freshman? Both have overinflated views of their self worth (hi, bitter Bears fan here) and both have problems with credit cards.

Yesterday, the Charlotte Observer observed that Wachovia Bank is suing Muhammad for the $24,603.24 that he and his brother Abdullah Muhammad (PBUH) racked up on a Business Rewards Visa card issued by the bank to the Muhammads' business, Baylo Entertainment.


It should be noted that Wachovia went tits-up and was acquired by Wells Fargo last year in the first wave of Financiapocalypse-related bank failures. Coincidence? Hardly. How do you like them apples, Muhammad? You're responsible for the failure of the fourth-largest bank in the United States. Now cut that check.

[Charlotte Observer]

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