Panthers Rookie D.J. Moore Had An Utterly Disastrous First Half

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D.J. Moore is having an awful day. The Panthers first round pick has been really helpful for Washington this afternoon, handing over the ball twice, as well as helping them out with their field position. First, he misplayed a Matt Palardy punt and gave Washington a bonus 20 yards. After the Panthers forced a three-and-out, he then lost the ball in a very soft way. Washington scored on the next play.

Later in the half, Josh Norman punched the ball out of Moore’s hands, setting up a Washington field goal.

Dj Moore Lowlight Reel

Despite the two turnovers, Moore stayed on the field with the punt return unit, and he had an 18-yard catch on Carolina’s touchdown drive. So it seems like he’ll at least have an opportunity to make up for his mistakes.