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Panthers vs. Bears - 1st Quarter

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• Well, that didn't take long. Steve Smith gets loose in the secondary and the Panthers are on the board. It's 7-0 before a minute is gone.

• The NFL really should've considered postponing this game for about a half hour. Give everyone a chance to settle themselves down a little bit. It's like someone's forcing me to do some X before the coke high has worn off. Or something like that.


• Rex Grossman has started the game at a blistering 0-for-5 clip.

• The second non-boring play of the game, occuring with about 5 minutes left in the 1st quarter, nets another touchdown for the Panthers. Chris Gamble strips Justin Gage after a short completion, and Julius Peppers picks it up and with his incredible speed that doesn't even really make sense, takes it to the house.

• Alright, that got overturned, too. Instant replay really fucks with a blogger. It's still 7-0 Carolina. Man, this game was almost over.

• Steve Smith again puts Carolina in position to score, in one of those "tie goes to the offense" calls. It looked like Charles Tillman had every opportunity to bring that one in, but Smith got the catch on balls alone.

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