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• John Kasay converts, and makes it 10-0 Carolina. I know it's early, but the Bears are not the Colts. 10 points is a huge hole for them.

• Fox finds a close-up of a Carolina defender kicking dirt onto the hands of the long snapper before the he hikes it back to the punter. As a renowned cheater, I like that. That's exactly the kind of thing I would do.


• Total yards: Carolina 194, Bears 33.

• Oooh, there's a sweet interception by Brian Urlacher. That's just a smart, athletic, play, and had the Panthers gone in there to make it 17-0, it might've have become nap time for MJD.


• Maybe it's just me, but it seems obvious which of these teams has the postseason experience. Carolina's offense is finding ways to succeed against the Bears D, while Rex Grossman looks like a nun who just stumbled into an orgy at Fred Smoot's house and is completely overwhelmed by what's going on around her.

• Grossman: 3-of-15 for 2 yards.

• And just as I say that, Rex Grossman completes 5 straight to get the bears a 4th-and-goal inside the one, which Adrian Peterson punches in for the score. 13-7 Panthers, and we now have a football game. Rex Grossman was 5-of-6 for 62 yards on the drive.


• On the final drive before the half, Peanut Tillman gets away with blatant pass interference that would've put Carolina at the 1. John Kasay did come in to polish off the half with his 3rd field goal of the day, and 16-7 is your halftime score.