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Panthers vs. Bears - 3rd Quarter

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• If the Bears want to win, two things have to happen. 1) Rex Grossman has to remain competent, and 2) the defense has got to make some adjustments. Giving up 290 yards in a half isn't going to cut it.

• Rex Grossman is not just competent, Rex Grossman is a STUD. The Bears come out like a real NFL team that has an offense and everything, and Rex Grossman hits Desmond Clark for a TD to make it 16-4. Today appears to be all about major momentum swings.

• DeShaun Foster has his right ankle crunched, and it doesn't look good. Dude is in pain. Bad news for the Panthers.


• Since that 3-of-15 that I noted, Rex Grossman is 8-of-10. It's like he turned into Teen Wolf or something.

• But Steve Smith asserts once again that he is the best offensive player in this game. The corner, Chris Thompson, fell down, leaving Smith wide open for the TD. It's 23-14 Carolina, and Steve Smith boosts his numbers to 11 catches for 215 yards and 2 TDs. Steve Smith is just straight nasty.


• That's how we're taking it to the 4th quarter. It's 23-14 Carolina, but Rex Grossman continues to be Joe Montana.

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