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• After Carolina continued to gash the Giants up the middle with the run, Steve Smith got open over the middle for a touchdown. 7-0 Carolina. He followed it up with a snow angel in the endzone, and the any signifigance or entertainment value is lost on me.

• WVU and #3 Villanova are tied at the 4:00 timeout in the second half, by the way.

• Pepsi really needs to stop with those "Diet Pepsi Machine" commercials. It's like a comedian who won't let a bad joke go. Please just stop. Just stop.

• The Giants are in no kind of an offensive groove. Tiki's under 3 yards per carry, and Eli hasn't done a whole lot, either. Plaxico Burress is in an excellent "bitch about everything" groove, though. Credit the Panthers defense, but I'm thinking that the Giants offense will settle down in the 2nd half.

• West Virginia has completed the upset of #3 Villanova, by the way.

• Ouch... crucial mistake. Not so much a mistake, I guess, as just a bad break. The Panthers take possession in the red zone after a punt hit the Giants return man and the Panthers pounced on it.. With the way their offense is going, the Giants can't afford to go down by 2 full touchdowns.


• And they won't. John Kasay makes it 10-0 Carolina. That's how the half will end.