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• The Giants brought out Lawrence Taylor to be honored at halftime. This could provide some inspiration for the G-Men. Particularly if LT brought his pipe with him.

• The Panthers got jobbed on a "down by contact" call when a linebacker just took the ball from Jeremy Shockey. Poor work, officials.

• The Giants just got jobbed on a Nick Goings fumble, too, so I guess we'll call it even there.

• After Eli attempts to throw back across his body and gets intercepted, Steve Smith turns it into a Carolina touchdown on a reverse. Doin' the bull dance. Feelin' the flow. Workin' it. Workin' it. 17-0 Panthers, and things couldn't look more bleak for the Giants.

• I stand corrected. Things just got bleaker. Eli throws another interception, and I wish I had saved that drunk Eli picture for this post.