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• If Ken Lucas and Marlon McCree played for the Giants, Eli Manning would be on fire. Unfortunately for Eli, however, they are Panthers. McCree did do the Giants a favor, though, and run about 20 yards backwards after the interception. But that probably just means DeShaun Foster has more yardage to rack up on the ground.

• Again, I stand corrected. It's more yardage for Nick Goings, not DeShaun Foster.

• The Giants manage to keep the Panthers out of the endzone from the one yard line, so hey... moral victory. It's 23-0, and it's over. In fact, it's been over for a while. It's been a good year for the Giants, though, and there's a lot of reasons to be optimistic about next year.

• Looking ahead to next week, it's hard to imagine the Panthers losing to the Bears if they play as well as they did this week. Of course, it's also hard to imagine the Bears being as bad as the Giants were today.