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Papa John Allegedly Used To Get Trashed With "Chicken Heads"

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Earlier this week, we asked our readers to share their firsthand accounts of Papa John getting shitfaced, because it has recently become clear that the Papa really likes to get shitfaced. Here's a story from reader Sam:

I used to frequent a bar in Louisville, KY called "Mr. G's" about 4-5 years ago and I would always see Papa and his COO at the time (forgot his name, but he was an English or Scottish gentleman) canoodling with "classy" bleach blonde, spray tanned chicken heads who were, no doubt, NOT the spouses of these two gentlemen - both of whom are married. They would always sit in a booth, get trashed out of their loud and obnoxious heads, and then leave together. I remember the bartenders always told me he was a shitty customer and an even shittier tipper.

His admiration for strange snatch other than his wife's is pretty well known around these parts. Classy guy, that Papa John...

Ask him about Mr. G's and I guarantee he turns as bright red as his processed and tasteless pizza sauce.

We called Mr. G's and spoke with a very nice woman. She remembered seeing Papa at the bar. She said he'd come in "a couple of times a month" and drink, sometimes with friends. Whether they were chicken heads, we were unable to ascertain.

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