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Papa John Is Persona Non Grata In Ohio

• Papa John's put their logo on a "Crybaby" t-shirt and LeBron fans are pissed. Don't worry John, they'll cave soon enough. Where else will they get their recommended daily supply of garlic butter sauce? [100% Injury Rate via So Good]
• If she was a better boxer she wouldn't have needed the ice scraper. [SportsbyBrooks]
• Meet the Hurlin' Hindus. They aren't really called that...yet. [Walk-Off Walk]
• Buck and McCarver are in St. Louis, which means Screwballs gets to visit the Budweiser brewery. [Screwballs]
• One more on Costas Now. [Huffington Post]
• Phil Hughes needs glasses, Hank Steinbrenner needs Ketamine. [It Is High...]
• Habs fan goes to Philadelphia, lives. [Four Habs Fans]
• The top Poles in all of sports. This has nothing to do with strippers or cock, I assure you. Although Coach K s been compared to the latter by many of you. [Say It Isn't So Taguchi]

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