Parents Brawl At 7-Year-Olds' Baseball Game

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Just some extremely normal parents here, doing extremely normal parent things in the middle of a Saturday afternoon youth baseball game.


Lakewood (Colo.) Police handed out issued four citations for disorderly conduct, and are still seeking suspects for potentially more serious charges, after 15–20 grown-ups got into a big ol’ brawl in the middle of a 7-year-olds’ baseball game this weekend.

The cause of the fight? According to police, one parent was upset with calls made by the game’s 13-year-old umpire. Things devolved quickly, and in a really depressing moment at around four seconds of the video, you can see the children in the field fleeing for safety.

Police said by the time they were called and showed up at the field, the brawl was still going on. “I think the saddest part in all of this is we’re talking about a 7-year-old baseball game,” police spokesman John Romero told KDVR. “I think it’s the parents who have to grow up.”

Cops told ABC News that multiple people suffered minor injuries, and one person suffered serious injury. Police say they’re hoping for tips on the identity of the man in the video wearing teal shorts, because he’s suspected of sucker-punching multiple people during the fight.

The G/O Media softball team is 3-1 and would be 4-0 if not for a worse call than whatever the 13-year-old ump did here, but we accepted it and moved on. Sportsmanship matters, kids.

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