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We're not saying that Paris Hilton's already decumbent standards are getting somehow lower or anything, but one would think that when you're on the cover of Vanity Fair, you'd be able to party with a relatively high class of athlete. Nope: Hilton was out boobing it up in Las Vegas last weekend with hockey puck Jeremy Roenick, dopey point guard Bob Sura and former NFL offensive lineman Ross Verba. Oh, and Tara Reid was there too. (Seriously.)

This amuses us greatly, of course, and not just because those three guys are a definitive downgrade from Brian Urlacher or, even, ack, Nick Lachey. In fact, we're most amused by Verba's addition to the quintet. Verba, who played for the Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers, came into the league as a noted and loud Christian missionary, talking with much passion about how he found Jesus Christ three days before he was drafted in 1997. That changed pretty quick, particularly when his wife divorced him in 2003. After that, Verba's reported problems with gambling sent him in an entirely different direction, including once winning $500,000 in a casino and spending most of it on hosting a swimsuit party. Earlier this year, police investigated charges that a woman was drugged and raped at a party at Verba's Cleveland home.

And now he's hanging out with Paris Hilton and Tara Reid. (And Bob Sura, of course.) We're not sure who hurts whose reputation more.


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