This morning, on The Howard Stern Show (a.k.a., the show you used to listen to all the time until either: a) he left for satellite radio, which you don't get; or b) he got divorced from his wife, draining the show of its subtle, mostly hidden pathos), Jose Canseco was a guest. And Pat Jordan, author of the gripping story about Chasing Jose for us, called in and chatted.

We can't say it was necessarily "enlightened discourse," but hey, it's radio. As you'd probably guess, Canseco is not pleased about the story, which means, of course, it's a pack of lies. After all, it's Jose Canseco, a beacon of truth and justice. You can hear the Jordan-Canseco clip right here.

And if you want to hear the whole interview, here's the whole thing in five parts: