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Patrick Willis Lives In A Land Of Confusion

I'd like to say that 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis is the most underrated defensive player in the NFL, but the guy has been to two straight Pro Bowls, so someone's noticing.

From, where Willis maintains a blog:

"If the game starts at 1 p.m., I like to get there early, get into the hot tub, get my body relaxed, get it just right. I like to do my thing and don't like to be rushed. I'll get into some music on my iPod. I'll maybe start off with some gospel, then some R & B. Then rock it up a little with a song like “Eye of the Tiger” — the tune they used in the Rocky movies. It's got that inspirational side to it. Then maybe some Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” because it sneaks up on you (“I've been waiting for this moment”) and then hits you with that great drum roll. If I've got some extra time, on my iTouch I'll watch that cool clip from Any Given Sunday where the coach talks about it being a game of inches. That always works for me."


Suirvivor and Phil Collins? If this gets out it may be embarrassing; it shall never go further, I promise.

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