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- Terrence Wilkins gets crunched by Larry Izzo on the opening kickoff of the second half.

- One of the sideline reporter guys says "the information was flowing fast and furious" in his halftime interview with Bill Belichick. I doubt that's true... friendly, non-controversial, uninformative soundbytes might have been flowing fast and furious. But actual real information... Bill Belichick doesn't give that out real often.


- The Colts have the chains moving to open the half, and they are not dead yet. Manning strings a few completions together, and they're in Patriots territory.

- Joseph Addai from the five yard line, and he's down inside the one, setting up a pretty crucial third down there. Manning's doing to sneak it, and... touchdown, Colts. Just like that, they're back within one score. Game on.

- My goodness... #95, Darrell Reid, is the first one down on special teams, and he just murders the kick returner. Reid's gotta be over three bills. It should be illegal for guys that big to be on special teams, because they'll kill someone... hell, it should be illegal for men of that size to run that fast. It's just not safe.

- 3rd and 2, and Heath Evans comes up short on the little reception.. the Patriots will punt, momentum has swung like Sean Salisbury's junk in front of a camera phone.


- The first play of the Colts drive goes for 25 yards. The next play is Dominic Rhodes for 19. The Patriots are all out of sorts here. I don't know what happened to the Patriots at halftime... maybe Lil' Ronnie kicked Tedy Bruschi's ass. Maybe they saw the Salisbury cell phone pictures. Whatever it was, it wasn't good.

- Pass interference on Ellis Hobbs in the endzone... maybe I'm unclear on the rule, and that's a possibility, but there didn't seem to be a lot of contact there. Yes, he wasn't looking at the ball, yes, his back was to the play, but... I don't know, the contact was minimal. Either way, I bet Phil Rivers enjoyed that.


- On the first and 1, Manning goes to big #61, defensive tackle Dan Klecko. Touchdown, and they're going for two. He rolls to his right, goes to Marvin Harrison... incredible throw, and we're all tied up. Still 4:00 to play in the quarter... a stunning turnaround.

- Ellis Hobbs is determined to make up for it, though, and his kick return is a beauty... great blocking, great read, and Hobbs is down to the Colts 21. I like this game. I like it very much.


- Brady finds Reche Caldwell alone in the endzone, and... Reche Caldwell drops it. Says Phil Simms, "The eyes did not go down." Well, they tried, but his eyes are so damn big that it takes 30 seconds for them to move. I mean, the earth doesn't spin in a matter of seconds.

- Jabbar Gaffney has his back, though, and comes down with a huge catch in the back of the endzone that's ruled a touchdown on the grounds that he was pushed out of bounds. Touchdown is the call, but here's Tony Dungy's pretty red flag.


- Call stands, and it was a good one... Touchdown, Gaffney. Patriots back up by 7. One of the more fascinating replays you'll see, with a couple of different things being reviewed, and CBS, to their credit, had good angles on them.

- Ben Utecht is being helped off the field... he looks pretty gimped-up, I don't know if he'll be back.


- The Colts have resumed being their juggernaut selves... Peyton Manning is taking whatever the defense gives him, and there's always something. They're down to the Patriots 35 on the last play of the quarter.

- (holds four fingers in the air)

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