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Patriots Workers Stopped In Immigration Sting

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Gillette Stadium hired dozens of workers to shovel snow from the field, and apparently had them sent in from Guatemala, by way of Rhode Island.


In advance of Sunday's playoff game, New England had a ton of snow to clear. So they contracted a Rhode Island firm, who sent up their best and brightest. Those workers were pulled over yesterday on their way to Foxborough by an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement team, looking for illegal immigrants.

Nine men from Guatemala were arrested and are facing deportation, and seven are still being held at Bristol County jail.

Another 49 people, most of whom are believed to be from Guatemala, were questioned and released on orders to report to ICE in the future to determine if they are here legally.


The first question that comes to mind here is obviously: how did they fit 65 people in the bed of one pickup truck?

Robert Kraft says this whole thing is news to him, and it's the responsibility of the outside vendor to vet its workers, instead of just rounding them up in a Home Depot parking lot. But come to think of it, that Tom Brady fella started the year in Costa Rica. Maybe the NFL should check out his papers.

Immigrants in Foxborough stop were headed to shovel snow for Patriots game [Boston Globe]

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