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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Pats Owner Just Wants To Watch The World Burn

Illustration for article titled Pats Owner Just Wants To Watch The World Burn

Tough week for Robert Kraft. First his truckload of illegal immigrants gets pulled over on its way to shovel the stadium. Now his driver gets ticketed for refusing to move Kraft's ride when a fire truck needed to get through.


Kraft was having lunch last month at a restaurant in the Gillette Stadium complex, when an ambulance and fire engine responded to an emergency call. The Patriots owner's car was parked outside — in the fire lane. His driver refused to move the car, so firefighters called in Foxborough police, who wrote a ticket.

But if you think Bob Kraft is taking this lying down, you don't know Bob Kraft.

[Town Manager Andrew] Gala said Dan Murphy, the Patriots' vice president for business development and external affairs, subsequently called him and said Foxboro police had ticketed Robert Kraft's car.

O'Leary said Murphy also notified him of the ticketing incident. Murphy said in an interview that Kraft doesn't have a driver, adding that he never said Kraft's driver was ticketed or that he complained about the incident.

He said he had heard about the ticket and wanted to know what had happened.

Murphy said his approach to town officials was a casual inquiry, not a complaint.


Taking the "deny everything" approach, Murphy disputes that Kraft has a driver, or that he was even in the restaurant at the time. This shouldn't be hard to prove. Considering the team, I'm sure they have the incident on film.

Ticket hikes Kraft Group-town tension [The Sun Chronicle]

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