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Paul Pogba Is A Goddamn Freak

This is one of those goal highlights where I couldn’t care less about what the scorer—in this case, France’s Olivier Giroud, who finished the play with a nice little volley—does. The only thing I’m here for is this spectacular long-range cross by Paul Pogba. It’s unreal.

Just look at the curve on that thing. Pogba spanks this ball so hard, I’m pretty confident that, had Giroud not obstructed the trajectory with his big left foot, the ball would’ve kept bending until it flew all the way back to Pogba, boomerang-style. The vision to see that run. The audacity to think he could get the ball there. The technique to curve it in like that. The quickness and agility to tip-tap the ball between his feet and squeeze just enough space away from his man to uncork the pass. It’s pretty rich of Giroud to celebrate the goal at all as if it wasn’t entirely a work of Pogba’s genius.


Sooner or later, Pogba’s going to leave Juventus for an even bigger team in a more visible league, and everyone will get to drool over his absurd talents live each and every week. Until then, we have the Euros this summer. CAN’T WAIT.

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