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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

At the start of a game that probably shouldn’t be played right now (I mean really, the World Cup ended less than a month ago for chrissakes, don’t these guys deserve some rest?), a player that probably shouldn’t be playing (Paul Pogba had a big role in that World Cup right up till the end, you might remember) and probably doesn’t even totally want to be there (there were reports all around that Pogba and his agent were trying to force a move to Barcelona over the past couple weeks) scored a penalty that probably shouldn’t have been given with an incredibly weird but surprisingly effective run-up routine to open the scoring of what, going off what we’ve already seen so far, feels like it will be another wild and crazy Premier League season.

The penalty itself is above, and below you can find the penalty call. It’s not entirely clear if the ball actually hit Leicester City defender Daniel Amartey’s arm, but he can’t be too upset about gifting Manchester United the goal when he flailed out his arm like that:

Yes, the Premier League probably did start too early this year, but thank god it’s back.



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