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The rumors are running like crazy: Tales of a "big-name" player about to be outed are everywhere. Pretty much everyone we know has been whispering in our ear about it for the last 24 hours; it got so bad that MLB even had to release a statement debunking the rumors.

But they're still out there. Are there more 50 players with their negative results about to be released, as some of the rumors say? What's Rafael Palmeiro gonna do when/if he plays tonight? And, oh, about that supposed "huge name." We've heard a few names. One keeps coming up. We're not gonna name any names, though. We don't do that: Use people's names. That would be wrong. No names. We will not be typing words that will identify whose name we keep hearing. Their name will not be typed by us using letters. Nope. Mum's the word, here.

MLB Denies Steroid Rumors [MLB]