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Peanut Guy Is An Accurate, Concession-Throwing Machine

Look, being the Peanut Guy isn't that sweet of a gig. You're employed by Aramark, you're at a baseball game but don't get to watch any of it, you have to work like 10 straight nights on a home stand, you're always dropping your hard earned cash on lozenges for your sore throat, and you rarely get a chance to really show some talent.

But the thing you don't about this particular Peanut Guy is that he has a cannon of an arm, and during the World Series he took the opportunity to show it off. The other thing I like about this video is Peanut Guy's faith in humanity. If the upper deck bro stiffs him, do you think Aramark is covering the loss? No, it's coming out of Peanut Guy's pocket. Yet, he still chucked his bag of peanuts, and rightly received the crowd's adulation for his impressive performance.

h/t Dan


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