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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Pedro Alvarez Wallops Home Run Out Of PNC Park, Into Moored Boat

Both AT&T Park and PNC Park were built alongside large bodies of water. But whereas the San Francisco Bay is only about 370 feet from home plate at AT&T Park, the Allegheny River is 443 feet from home plate at PNC Park. Thus, in its 14-year history, there have only been two splash hits at PNC Park. Until today, that is, when Pedro Alvarez absolutely wrecked this Ricky Nolasco fastball to make it three:

Technically it wasn’t a splash hit I guess, as the ball didn’t land in the Allegheny. Instead, it landed in a little boat tied up to shore, and some enterprising guy walking by decided to nab himself a souvenir:


I’m no Pennsylvania law expert, but if this isn’t legal, it totally should be.

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