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Penguins Superfan Will Make You Question Your Commitment To Game 7

Sure, you worked two jobs to save enough money to get that customized alternate road jersey—but this guy spends three times that on rival teams' sweaters....just so he can goof on them.

Steve Mazefsky is a die-hard Penguins fan, but he actually bought a custom Scott Hartnell Flyers jersey just to annoy the Philadelphia forward during the playoffs. Well, he did alter it a little bit—it says "FARTSMELL." (He even got it autographed!) Mazefsky's rec room is coated in a residue of Pittsburgh memorabilia and he actually owns about 60 sweaters, several of which were ordered simply to razz opposing players. There's really no point to this story other than to say that there aren't a lot of people willing to take things that far and if you are that type of person, then you scare me.


It's also the only way I could think off to lead into tonight's Game 7 between the Penguins-Capitals. It will be the first of three seventh games in the next two days, and there isn't much else to say except, holy crap this has been an exciting round of playoff hockey. If you would like to hear more this biting, yet insightful anaylsis, I'll actually be providing some of it on "NHL Live" tomorrow (12-2 on XM/Sirius; also on NHL Network and; toot, toot.) Because when you think "Deadspin," you think hockey. I just hope they don't ask me questions about Canadian landmarks.

Seriously, watch the game tonight. How often do you get to see two of the best players in any sport—on two pretty good teams—square off against each other in a do-or-die matchup like this. If this Game 7 can't get people to care about hockey, then I'm not sure what will. Maybe a third period knife fight or something.


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