Photo credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Penn State public relations & crisis communication professor Steve Manuel has deleted his Twitter account after a meltdown during which the character from a confused retelling of a Marine Todd story declared that Joe Paterno did nothing wrong and that the longtime Nittany Lions coach is deserving of all the praise that university is lavishing upon his Hell-occupying soul today.

Manuel’s tweets included claims like:

Seems to be a lot of concern over Paterno commemoration. Those who believe Joe did something wrong will always believe that. Forget them.



Paterno arguably did more for Penn State than any other coach at any other school in history. Yet he is vilified by some, who know nothing.

Maybe Manuel was conducting an exercise for his students to illustrate Benoit’s taxonomy of image repair strategies, starting from the first tactic of “simple denial.” Or, maybe, he’s just another media professor who, because he cannot do, teaches.