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Penn State Gear A Little Jesus-y For Some

If you squint really hard, the design on this PSU t-shirt may resemble a cross. And just like that — controversy!

A debate is raging in Happy Valley over the appropriateness of the shirt. Far be it from me to call those against it stupid by pointing out that it's, you know, a vertical blue line like the one on the Nittany Lions' iconic helmets. And far be it from me to call those for it stupid by pointing out that this shirt, meant to be worn for Beaver Stadium's "white-outs" has an awful lot of non-white on it.


But I will point out that when FOX News (who unsurprisingly were the ones to break this story), needed a quote from someone offended by a cross, they went to the campus's Jews.

There always has to be some sort of separation," said Berns, referring to the state-funded school and religious affiliation. "Me personally, I'm not going to buy the shirts and I know others at [Penn State Hillel] who won't, either."

This, of course, is similar to the situation at rival Notre Dame, where the student body protests if merchandise doesn't have a cross on it.

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