Hold on there, Conway Elementary School seventh-grade flag football team. Not another step. Your logo is infringing on the intellectual property rights of Penn State University, and must be removed from all t-shirts, school binders and backpacks. Here are a team of copyright lawyers to make sure you comply. Next, our attorneys will go into the woods to make sure that no actual lions are sitting around in that copyrighted pose. Joe Paterno will personally wrestle any large felines found not in compliance. Thank you.

Penn State has notified a Virginia elementary school that it must cease using its cougar logo, because it too closely resembles the Nittany Lion logo used by the university. After all, we can't have a rogue elementary school siphoning off Penn State revenue, now can we? The Collegiate Licensing Company generously allowed Conway to keep two floor mats with the image, and the school will not have to dig up a time capsule stamped with the now-restricted logo. Thank you for your kindness, Dean Wormer.

One has to wonder why Conway didn't grab this opportunity to teach its students a little something about the court of public opinion. Look the Nittany Lion in the eye and tell him to go screw; think Penn State would fight it? Think of the great publicity that would generate. Gloria Allred is already sharpening her talons.

Besides, look at the neck shading in the two logos. Totally different!

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